Amar · Clooney’s pregnancy is obvious!

Amar · Clooney who was rumored pregnant since entering this year. It is reported that her husband George Clooney admitted that twins are pregnant

ジョージ・クルーニー(George Clooney)、アマル・クルーニー(Amal Clooney) photo : Getty Images

This news was reported by Julie Chen, moderator of the TV show ‘The Talk’. On Thursday February 9, Amar · Clooney confirmed George Clooney confirmed the twins are pregnant at the end of last month. Chen comments that the baby schedule is June. The magazine ‘US Weekly’ also confirms pregnancy to other stakeholders.

George and Amal do not speak much about private, but I’d like to expect from official announcements from two people and comments on pleasure. Congrats!



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