Gigi Hadid’s Barbie doll appears!

Jiji Hadid of the popular model has appeared in Barbie dolls and is calling out a topic. It was Mattel company that showed Barbie of Jiji on an instagram. Gigi and the original Barbie are wearing denim shorts, roller blades on matching T – shirts, and taking a picture of SELPHY at Venice beach has been released.

This Barbie seems to have been made for ‘Tommy Hilfiger’ and Gigi’s collaboration collection ‘TOMMYXGIGI’ where the runway show was held at LA on February 8 (local time).

Gigi is also his own instagram, ‘I can not believe this is me! Thank you for this honor, I’m looking forward to Barbie participating in the show.’

Actually Barbie and ‘TOMMY X GIGI’ had been collaborating before. In September last year, a photo that Barbie wearing ‘TOMMY XGIGI’ poses is released.

Moreover, when Jiji appeared at the ‘Victoria’s Secret’ show at the end of last year, it was reproduced in Barbie (informal) in the form of lingerie with her sister Vera.

This time it is the birth of authentic Barbie, Jiji himself should be pleased as well as the fans!



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