A new boyfriend to Lady Gaga!

Lady Gaga seems to be associating with CAA talent agent Christian Carino.

Last summer, Taylor Keene who was a fiancée and Gaga who broke out went to the concert of Kings of Leon with Christians at the end of last month, and it was witnessed how to spend time with each other.

And this time, an official concerned ‘Christian and Gaga’ of a talent agent who has clients such as Jennifer · Lopez, Justin · Beaver, Christina · Aguilera, Amber Hard, Miley Cyrus, Simon · Cowell etc for customers related to ‘PEOPLE.com’ He commented that he started dating.

Gaga was told that after catching up with Taylor for five years, it came to a catastrophe in July last year. On the other hand, in October last year, one of the stakeholders said that Gaga said that if Taylor began socializing with someone else, they said that they are about to return yori because they said they were not very happy I also had it.

At that time Gaga answered, ‘When you can tell that you can not open a party’ when Taylor begins to associate with someone else, I answered ‘I can not open a party’, ‘I hate being able to hear like a hippie, but I am a kind That is the case with him.We are in love with each other.It is the change in life.They go through different stages and they are focusing on different things. ‘For the sake of fairness Taylor has always been really cool even though any creative change I have made, he always supports it and loves me, ‘he talked about the relationship with Taylor.

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