Miranda kerr ‘Make Love with Fiancée’ until marriage

The interview of the English paper ‘The Times’ revealed that Miranda kerr (33) of the super model has refrained from making a marriage with fiance businessman Evan Spiegel (26).

Miranda and smart chat photo sharing application ‘Snap Chat’ CEO Spiegel’s enthusiasm is discovered in August 2015. In July last year, Mr. Spiegel sent a big diamond engagement ring to Miranda to propose and engaged.

Miranda has his son Flynn (6) between the English actor Orlando Bloom (40) who married in the decade and divorced in 13 years. With attention gathered by Mr. Spiegel’s child, ‘I will not make it until I get married.’

The reporter who interviewed said, ‘I am doing birth control (birth control by birth control etc.)’, Miranda said, ‘I have not done!’ Kikari. ‘There is not it yet, I do not have a marriage, I was brought up by my parents who are very respectful of tradition, we can not … we are waiting (until we get married)’ He hinted that he did not do it.

Mr. Spiegel is 7 years younger than Miranda, but he does not like to participate in the party or go out and often spends his life in a Los Angeles mansion.

‘He is 26 years old, but there is atmosphere like 50 years old’ Miranda. The young millionaire seems to be an old-fashioned man and seems to show understanding of Miranda’s policy of ‘not doing until married’. In any case, it will be noticed when two marriages will occur.



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