Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield encountered at the party of BAFTA!

Local time The British Academy Awards (BAFTA) to be held on Sunday, February 12.

エマ・ストーン(Emma Stone)、アンドリュー・ガーフィールド(Andrew Garfield) photo : Getty Images

Revealed former couple, Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield encountered at the pre-party!

Two people encountered a nomination party of the British Academy Awards (BAFTA) held at Kensington Palace on Saturday, February 11. Emma Stone, who is a candidate for the actress for the movie ‘La La Land’ and Andrew Garfield, who is a leading actor award at the movie ‘Hacksaw Ridge (original work)’ also attended. It was discovered that there was a scene in which the face fits tightly at the meeting place.

According to witnesses, the two hug firmly at the hall! There is no awkward situation, Andrew is reported to have been a full smile.

エマ・ストーン(Emma Stone)、アンドリュー・ガーフィールド(Andrew Garfield) photo : AFLO

Andrew and Emma who broke down in October 2015. But Andrew said in an interview in December 2016, which passed more than a year ago, ‘If you could take someone alone in the desert island, who would you take?’ Emma Stone loves Emma Confession that ‘. Emma, ​​on the other hand, commented in an interview ‘Andrew is still a very beloved person’!

It is wonderful that they are appealing to each other only if you say ‘I will part with you,’ but they do not repair. Whether the movement triggered by this hug,



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