Adam Levine and Behti · Princesshu, daughter and red carpet!

Behti · Princesshu and Adam · Levine who daughter was born in September last year.

グウェン・ステファニー(Gwen Stefani)、ベハティ・プリンスルー(Behati Prinsloo) photo : Getty Images

Appear on the red carpet at the family, officially unveiled the daughter.

Behti · Princesshu, Adam · Levine, and daughter Dusty · Rose appeared at the award ceremony of the Walk of Fame held on Friday 10th February. Both Adam and Behti were showing off their daughter ‘s pictures instantly after their birth, but Adam officially unveiled their daughter for the first time at the anniversary where Adam acquired the Hollywood stars.

Adam received the awards speech ‘I have a daughter.I have the most beautiful wife in the world, I am one of the luckiest men in the world, but this is not what I myself did love me Thanks to those who helped me, those people, I thank everyone, ‘confesses hot love!

アダム・レヴィーン(Adam Levine)、ベハティ・プリンスルー(Behati Prinsloo) photo : Getty Images

Behti also uploaded a picture of three family members to the Instagram, ‘Today was a wonderful day for my family to be incredible, I am proud of what you’ve accomplished. You are the most proud of you yourself That you are a wonderful person You are the best dad in the world, my husband, I love you ‘Comment!

Last year, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds also attended the awards ceremony of their daughters and the walks of fame. It is a premonition that it will become a boom to officially show daughters in red carpet instead of SNS. Even so, Dusty · Rose is too cute! It looks like a mama looking beautiful!



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