The 59th Grammy Award winning result, Adel is 5 crown including 3 major divisions!

The 59th Grammy Awards ceremony was held on 12th February, local time, each prize was announced.


Adel achieved five crown, including the year’s Best Record Award, Best Year of the Year award, and the Best Song Awards in the year. Chance the rapper won the Best Newcomer Award. In addition, Beyonce was nominated in 9 departments at most, but was awarded in 2 departments.

In Japanese, pianist Uchida Mitsuko has been awarded the best solo vocal album award in the classical category.

Adel is singing ‘Hello’ at the opening, Beyonce who is pregnant with twins shows a powerful singing voice in a godly costume. In addition, luxury artists such as The Weekend, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars perform. In addition, Adel showed off his memorial performance of British Pop Duo ‘Wham!’ George Michael, Bruno and ‘The Time’ who died last April.

A gorgeous artist appeared in the red carpet again this year, and it became a glamorous awards ceremony.



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