Madonna reveals the name of twin adopted from Malawi

Madonna, who established the charity group ‘Raging and Malawi’ in 2006, has adopted David Banda in 2006 from Malawi and Mercy James in 2009.

The court in Malawi revealed that he adopted a new twin girl of four and a half on February 7 (local time). Madonna told the Instagram that it could be officially announced that the procedure for adopting twin sisters to be adopted has been completed.I am happy that two people become families. I am grateful to all the Malawi people who made adoption possible, ‘posted a snap connecting hands with the twins.

Also, ‘Estere and Stelle were in the Home of Hope where 650 orphans live for four years from the 5th birth, born by the generous and thoughtful Tipette and his daughter Lucy This facility is operated and Rising · Malawi is working with Home of Hope for more than 10 years since I met David son .. If you want to engage with volunteers and donations, Please try accessing Raising and will be of assistance even a little bit, ‘announced the names of their daughters.

According to the magazine ‘People’, the twin mother is dead. Madonna, who has been donating schools to hospitals in Malawi and donating equipment at hospitals, had a criticized voice of saying, ‘Because it is a celebrity, we receive special treatment even at the adoption of adoption,’ he said. In 2016 the world crowded with feud with Rocco, the eldest son, Madonna who enjoyed skiing in Switzerland with four children, such as eldest daughter Rodes, during the New Year’s holidays.Watch out what kind of parent-child relationship is built with the newly greeted children!



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