Mrs. Melania · Tramp President, Michael Obama inherits the vegetable field of Obama

After Mr. Donald Trumph assumed office, Mrs. Melania Tramp, the lady who lives in New York with his son Baron.

Obviously we will take over some of the remains of Mr. Michelle Obama’s wife.

The one that Mrs. Melania · Tramp President takes over, it is the garden of the White House. The White House issued a statement to the television station ‘CNN’, ‘Mrs. Melania Trump is preserving and maintaining the garden of the White House, especially the kitchen garden and the rose garden as the first lady as my mother.’

メラニア・トランプ(Melanie Trump) photo : AFLO

Rose garden is a garden that grows roses as its name, but what is worrisome is the kitchen garden. Actually, in the White House some vegetable fields have been made since the 1800’s. Eleanor · Roosevelt and Hillary · Clinton also worked in vegetable making in this field. Among them, Mr. Michelle Obama’s former president wife who was working diligently!

ミシェル・オバマ(Michelle Obama) photo : Getty Images

In 2012, Mrs. Obama who also published a book called ‘American Grown: The Story of the White House Kitchen Garden and Gardens Across America’ ​​about this kitchen garden. She is famous for being an enlightenment worker so that children can send healthy eating habits. It is revealed in this book that it was to grow vegetables oneself that became a hint of the activity. I also often invited elementary school students to the White House, and they kept the fields together.

It is still unknown how Melania’s wish to use this field. Mrs Melania who is doing field work is hard to imagine, but I would like to pay attention to what the wife is going to cultivate and use it for charity activities.



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