Did you admit marriage with Simon Connectique in Adel, Grammy Awards ceremony?

It has been reported that Adel admitted to marry Simon Connectique, who has a son together.


Since last year’s Christmas time Adel was wearing a gold ring on his left ring finger, it was rumored that he had officially married with Finance Simon who is a charity organization, but February 12 In my speech at the award ceremony held at the 59th Grammy Awards ceremony held at the 59th Grammy Awards ceremony, I gave marriage to my son Angelo who is 4 years old with my honor to receive my award It is believed to have admitted.

However, in the interview at the back stage, Adel has been calling Simon as ‘partner’ as usual.

A previous official reported that there is a possibility that Simon and Adel will have a daughter who is 9 years old from the previous relationship, it is said that there is a possibility that it will be wedding, one official said, ‘I plan to wear it in Ross.The wedding so that Simon’s daughter can attend It will be a holiday season for the school, it is likely to be a Christmas period, but the two men are not revealing details. ” Adel has no engagement ring, neither of us will publicize private life I am a type and I want them to attend only truly close friends. ‘

The two who have been dating for five years were engaged in October last year during Adel ‘s world tour. As the Adel Live tour ends in March, Adel is expected to take a long vacation as he wants Simon and another child.



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