‘Sports · Illustrated’ swimsuit model, Hannah Davis pregnant

Hanna Davis popular as a swimsuit model for the magazine ‘Sports Illustrated’. It is obvious that she got pregnant with her first child.

ハンナ・デイヴィス(Hannah Davis) photo : coutesy of Sports Illustrated via Facebook

Hanna Davis married former MLB player Derek Jeter in July last year. Earlier this week, I announced that I am pregnant with my first child on the Derek website.

Hannah says, ‘I am the first child, I and Derek are looking to the future.He has already decided on the name.What name is, she will run around Derek, It is obvious that girls are born.

ハンナ・デイヴィス(Hannah Davis)、デレク・ジーター(Derek Jeter) photo : Getty Images

‘Also, Derek calls me outside from day to day,’ I’m with you ‘How do you like’ How do you like ‘?’ I answered, ‘That name is not decided yet’ ‘Derek’s unknown side also revealed!

Furthermore, ‘We do not want children to be decided by their father’s name, I think that they want us to be ordinary’ daddy ‘for children,’ comments, and children have a normal life I also revealed my desire to do it.


Hanna said that he shot the gravure of the swimsuit issue of the magazine ‘Sports / Illustrated’ immediately after knowing the pregnancy, and was showing off his sexy bikini in Mexico. It seems to be sexy mama! I do not want to wait for the next report because the birth date is unpublished. Congrats!

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