Hilary Duff’s ex-husband Mike · Comley, for investigation into suspicion of sexual assault

Hillary · Duff’s ex-husband Mike · Comley, actress and singer, was found to be investigated on suspicion of sexual assault.


The gossip site ‘TMZ’ said that the woman who met Mike at the bar on the 11th local time went to his home in West LA and claimed that he was raped several times afterwards. The woman immediately went to the hospital and used the ‘rape kit’ to collect evidence.

Mike knew that woman for a long time and admitted that he did sexual activity. However, he said he said he was consenting. There is another woman on the spot, but the woman says he has not complained of sexual assault.

Mike is a former ice hockey player, married Hillary in 2010 and will be awarded a son in 2012, but announced catastrophe in 2014, divorce last year was established.

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