Emma Watson consults life for two dollars!

Emma Watson is active as a goodwill ambassador of the United Nations.

エマ・ワトソン(Emma Watson) photo : Getty Images

Clearly she was riding a life consultation at Grand Central Station in New York. Moreover, the consultation fee is reasonable!

Emma Watson’s life consultation was held on Tuesday, February 14. An instant booth with a signboarded ‘Advise from Emma Watson (advice from Emma Watson)’ at Grand Central Station in New York appeared. A well-known editor, Derek Brasberg, stood at the booth, Emma said he was in trouble consultation via the iPad. According to the magazine ‘US Weekly’ it would have been good to talk about any problems. The price is 2 dollars!

According to the report, a photographer waited by the booth, photographing those who consulted Emma with consultation. It is still unknown what this project is planning. As Emma is keen on philanthropic activity, it is certainly one of the charity that there is a view that it will donate profits to something, but with the promotion of the new movie ‘The Circle’. Also reports that. I want to wait for details to come out from Emma’s mouth.

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