‘Sports · Illustrated’ swimsuit special issue, this year’s cover is Kate Upton!

Every year, a special issue of swimsuit of the topic magazine ‘Sports · Illustrated’ by popular models appearing.

ケイト・アプトン(Kate Upton) courtesy of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit via Facebook

This year Kate Upton decorated the third cover.

Special issue of swimsuit of magazine ‘Sports · Illustrated’ which all models with strength and popularity line up side by side. Decorating the cover is a proof that you stand on top! Kate Upton shone at that place this year. This is the third time she appears on the cover, and this year, three patterns of covers were made.

A magazine that has adopted women of various body types and ages from the past as a model and claims diversity of beauty. A 63-year-old model of this year’s swimwear special issue, Christie Brinkley and tennis player Celina Williams appeared in the gravure, expressing beauty beyond the traditional ‘swimsuit model’.

Kate said about this, ‘It is very wonderful to me that this issue is very important for everyone to be their own best, not trying to be’ perfect ‘as the company or the industry thinks.’ It is very courageous for magazines to insist on various types of perfection, encouraging women to love themselves is an activity I’d like to do, a work I would like to do. ‘

Actually, before this magazine came out, Kaye claimed that ‘I do not participate in photography if it does not make a cover,’ ‘It is disgusting if I do not photograph with this photographer,’ the rumor that ‘Kate is selfish’ It also flowed. The truth of the rumor is unknown, but if it is Kate who decorated the cover twice in the past, it may be natural to ask for the appearance to the cover or to stick to the photographer. This year’s cover that Kate won with conviction. Not only sexy body but also the attention of Kate who lurked behind it watched!

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