Strongest of rejuvenation food that is eaten Miranda Kerr ‘wolfberry’, and its secret?

By that Miranda Kerr is eating for the sake of beauty, Goji berries that boom is happening.
Cleopatra and the poppy is also said to have to eat every day, wolfberry, which has been known as a beauty food for a long time, do you have exactly the power of what beauty is hidden.

The work is, ‘vitamins, minerals, other proteins, have been included in the rich in good β- carotene also beautiful skin. In the food, which is also used in medicine Zen, not only heals the body and mind, aging care benefits it has been described as well. ‘

In fact, Chinese wolfberry has been incorporated as a traditional Chinese medicine ingredients for a long time, but when listening to talk to the writer who specializes in Oriental medicine, told me such a thing.

In the ‘Oriental medicine wolfberry is the real part’ detention ‘, leaves’ wolfberry leaf ‘, the part of the skin of the root called’ lycii cortex radicis ‘, has been used as each therapeutic agent. Contracture the Lord, detoxification and, strengthening nutritional fortification, immunity, also lowered cholesterol and lowering blood glucose levels, has been reported that there is a work that heal the fatigue of the eyes. ‘

For beauty, detox action and with the fruit of the wolfberry it is, called the action that to strengthen the skin to enhance the immunity is to the point.

As a way of eating, not only add to the almond tofu and rice porridge, and drinking as a real tea wolfberry pouring the hot water, or eat mixed with yogurt and cereal, but you can use a wide range, or break the stomach and ‘eat too much, because some people get sick, many of about 30 grains per day even if it recommends ‘(supra writer) and things.

The fruit of sweet and sour wolfberry to eat on a daily basis, or do not you beautiful skin making?



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